South Africa

A World In One Country

South Africa is often referred to as a world in one country…such are the extreme and variety of climate, vegetation, geology, scenery, animals and people. In this one country one can travel in a single day from a Mediterranean region, to arid desert areas, High-veld grasslands, and tropical coastal terrain. In the same day the traveller may enjoy the silence of the lonely Karoo plain and not another living being in sight. Situated at the Southern tip of Africa, South Africa has a coastline of  nearly 3000km shared by the warm Indian and cold Atlantic Oceans. Exciting experiences on offer range from surfing and sailing, to hot air balloon adventures, and river rafting, from close encounters with Africa’s Big Five to lazy days spent on pristine, world class beaches. For those who want to experience it all in a single country, South Africa truly is an incredible destination.


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Best time to go

Find out when it is the best time of the year to travel to South Africa


Average time to go. Wet season.


Good time to go. Wet season.


Excellent time to go. Dry season


Good time to go. Wet season.


Average time to go. Wet season.

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